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Golf Course for Beginners & Professionals

Golf Course for Beginners & Professionals


Course Details

Its design is smooth, varied and with numerous dog legs. With more than 3000 palm trees that enclose the fairways, its native vegetation and its volcanic lava that make Costa Teguise Golf an oasis in the traditional landscape of Lanzarote.

  • Golf course name: Costa Teguise Golf.
  • Address: Avenida del Golf s/n. 35508. Costa Teguise. Lanzarote. Las Palmas.
  • How to get there: Access: North Route, Urb. Costa Teguise.
  • Distance Lanzarote Airport, 14 km.
  • Phone number: +34 928 590 512
  • Fax number :+34 928 592 337
  • E-Mail:
  • WEB:
  • Opening date: 1978.
  • President: Don Adolfo Prieto.
  • Manager: Don Jesús Medina.
  • Greenkeeper: Don Alexander Delgado.
  • Golf instructors: Don Nicolás García.
  • Course layout : Mr John Harris.
  • Number of holes : 18 hoyos.
  • Par: 72.
V.C. (Valor Campo) V.S. (Valor Slope)
6462 m 76,0 147
6163 m 74,1 142
5631 m 72,0 133
5291 m 69,7 126
4201 m 64 112

▪ Driving Range: It consists of a length of 300 meters long and more than 100 meters wide. It has 30 positions, with the possibility of practicing on mat or grass.
▪ Putting green.
▪ Chipping green with 2 bunkers.
▪ Practice hole: de 110 metros con 2 greenes.

  • The ball lying on close-mown grass will be placed the size of a card without gaining distance to the hole.
  • Dirt roads are considered an integral part of the course.
  • They are immovable obstructions: hazard marks.
  • If the ball rests on the paved paths of the course or influences the placement, the player may drop without penalty without gaining distance to the hole.
  • In holes made by burrowing animals the general rule (relief without penalty) applies.
  • All areas delimited by stones to protect elements of the irrigation network and other elements are considered areas under repair, and the relief rule must be applied.
  • In the dry areas of the street, it will be considered an area under repair, even if it is not signposted and the standard will be applied of relief.
  • Throughout the entire course, any ball that rests on the picón may be marked, smoothed and placed at a distance of 1 round card “ball that rests in piles of palm tree pruning, the relief procedure will be applied” (1 club from the closest point without gaining distance to the hole).
  • The gentlemen players are reminded that the rhythm of the game must be respected and give way to the later game in case of delay in the game. It may be penalized.
  • The use of distance meters is allowed, as long as the option is altitude is turned off.
  • 4th hole bunker.
  • Repair zone, it is dropped in the designated drop zone.
  • 16th hole bunker on the left: will be played as rough.
  • Blue marks: it is dropped without penalty.
  • Holes 1, 3, 9 are out of limits. To the right.
  • Areas of accidental water may be relieved without penalty.
Field layout: John Harris. 18 holes. Par: 72.